"Launching from the edge of the world. We are producers of emotive experiences, delivering for those who value connections."

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised!

Denis Waitley


Motive Events elevates any event to a new level with creativity and know-how, all the while providing great cost, good service, and delivering results that are remembered

  • Creative Full Service Event managment
  • Reliable and Effecient
  • Our team cares about your motive to event



We are the specialist in concept development, programme design and delivery of local and international incentives. We have travelled near and far in search of great locations to provide our customers with once in a lifetime experiences. Ensuring each incentive is fully tailored and delivers on your message and MO to ensure you get the reward you need.


Conferencing done right, by captivating the minds of the audience and at all times keeping everyone uplifted and engaged throughout the day. Done are the days of 3-hour blocks of keynote and breakouts. We ensure we present varying ways in which standard elements can be presented as interactive content that drives the message in ways that speak to your audience.


We know that all special events and Gala awards evenings reflect the imagination, quality and excellence of ones brand, nominess and winners. At ‘Motive’ we ensure all elements including pre-event engagement, invites, theme design, scripting, MC rehearsals, full creative design, production and entertainment sourcing, delivery, meets your MO. Let us make your next special event a truly impactful experience.


Bring your sports fans together to showcase the best of the best , playing on the field of dreams, racetrack, court, speedway well anywhere in NZ or the world.

Sport is a great company binder and is a way to provide a team builder. Get on your teams colours, and let us transport you to poll position with your group.


Our aim is to make your product notorious well before it hits the streets. So we are not just thinking about the event day, but how else we can project your shiny new product out into the customers hearts and minds through multiple channels.

It is all about innovation, preparation and maximization of brand. Your MO is key to ensure we relay your key brand messaging, remember you only get one chance at a launch, let us help!


We pride ourselves on creativity, so if your are looking for something outside the norm, we love a good challenge. 

What about a group jet-ski to a private island, where you have Bear Grills take you on a survival challenge for the day. Yep its possible!

There is always another way to do things, or something not found in any box so let Motive create something bespoke.

What we are doing, to get you through Covid

The Elephant in the room

Let’s not deny it, 2020 sure had been a very confronting time, especially for our customers and ourselves. COVID has impacted us all and we have had to learn to live with it. However, as we are eventing pioneers we have taken this in our stride and do as we always do; plan for the worst to make the best come easy!

Motive, haven’t been resting on our laurels waiting for the world to go back to normal. We don’t know when normal will return, so through our Covid 19 journey, we have been listening to our clients, planning ahead, reworking the plan, negotiating with our suppliers and, re-inventing ways for our customers to hold events.

Whether it be limiting sizes, introducing technology as a way to achieve a similar MO for you, or creating more tailored events that are risk-free. We have been working hard to build a robust safe framework that can be rolled out to any event in this pandemic state.

The desire to meet and connect at business events has not changed, how we do this has.


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