Your events Sherpas!

The Pioneers of motive Events

Jenny Walsh

Director/Founder- Mrs Always fix it

Jen’s love of all things events is a driving force of her long-standing reputation in the industry. Her knowledge and solution-driven approach make her the one in our team that dots the ‘i’s’ and crosses the ‘t’s’. She always has a keen eye for detail, breaking down an event design and re-building it just to make sure it all works, always finding a  better way of delivering where possible.

The fixer in the team: Jen can tell you what to do, how to do it, when best to visit, and possibly everything in between before you leave. Jen has taste-tested, seen and felt most experiences in the world, and can break down in detail how to deal with the challenges that pop up in corporate events. This is due to her extensive time in one of the largest global event agencies as GM travelling and delivering great events around the world.

Simon Coxhead

Director/Founder- Event Creationist

Loves to meet new people and find a solution that can help make a difference. Simon has a penchant for talking about dreams and where they can get you too , probably good as he is the sales busy body (and talker) in our tribe. He prides himself on discovering ideas that stick with his clients and is constantly searching for the ‘Why”, in everything he does.

After making his home in NZ from bouncing around the world in 5-star hospitality, he decided to also add a technical repertoire of tricks to his CV, working behind the stage as a Audio Visual technician and manager from his love of music. After many years of working setting up gala dinners, shows and conferences, he combined his knowledge in selling creative tech solutions, with his hotelier years, to passionately sell creative event solutions. 

Jordan Davis

Event Manager- Pillar of Passion

Dedicated, confident, and always gets events to the point of perfection. Jordan constantly soars to great heights with her event passion.

The newest “pillar” in our event team, Jordan comes from the school of Flight Centre bringing her expertise in the travel industry. Jordan can tell you what the smoothest ride is in the sky, and knows a few things (in fact a lot) about New Zealand and the countries you might visit in the future.

A powerhouse when it comes to organising, shuffling and moulding an event, she comes to work each day with a passion to deliver events and an enthusiasm that is unrivalled. When you have Jordan on your team you’re able to sit back and relax, whilst knowing this event professional has control over every element.

Brittany Burbidge

Event Manager- Creative Conceptualist

Looking to create that one-of-a-kind event, well Brittany is the key? From her early years in the industry, she showed her potential by mastering travel bookings, event logistics, and managing the behind the scenes needs of her clients.

Brittany now has extended her event prowess and grown into an exceptional manager by mastering her creative visionary strategies and solutions. She always provides a never-ending stream of concepts to install at every stage of the event, ensuring a fresh experience on every event that is always uniquely unforgettable.

Logistics are her bread, organising is her butter, and strategies are the jam she spreads thickly over the top. Rest assured knowing your event is well cared for, managed by her nurturing hands.

Duane Alvares

Director/Founder- Efficiency Mastermind

Unfortunately due to illness, Duane is not with the Motive team at present. For those wanting to hear more about Duane’s progression please email Jen or Simon.

What Duane has not seen is yet to be found, he possibly knows every hotel, activity, and eatery in every far-flung nook of the world. His earlier career was spent jet setting the world, working in airline travel. Then using this experience to organise events in London from team building to incentives to gala dinners. He then arrived back home in NZ to expand his event reputation in a large incentive agency.

Duane is a man who knows the best way to get a deal and a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to efficiencies and streamlining event processes.


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