Event service building blocks
Conceptual geniuses

Creative concepts

Motive start with “your” MO  to create an event design starting with your event why. We work with you to create a bespoke and targeted event program, to ensure we meet your event goals and business outcomes through immersive and innovative experiences.

We design a tailored journey for every person that attends. Ensuring the design, messaging, support, event program and information create lasting memories that align connectivity with your brand. Maybe it’s the gala show we put on, the food they taste, the lesson they learn, the experience they are part of, or the location they visit. Our team find the smile that stays on your attendees face with creativity that you have never seen before.

  • Initial event design
  • Incentive programs
  • Program development
  • Creative design
  • Digital, print and marketing assets
Organisers extraordinaire

Event Management

After the concept and creation, we start with the logistics and preparation. We want to ensure a seamless delivery of your event from sign off to take off. The backbone of the event journey is our “critical path” creating a fluid document that is easy to understand, reliable and tracks key milestones and responsibilities.

It partners with our detailed budget, which is monitored like a hawk by our team to ensure you know exactly what is happening through the lifespan of the event.

Real estate might be location, location, location, events are definitely detail, detail, details!

  • Logistic/Transport Support
  • Flight management
  • Budget/ Accounting
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment and stage management
  • Audio and visual knowledge
  • Global and national networks
  • Supplier negotiations



Event Sherpas

Dedicated Event Staff

Some people dream of success… our team get up and make it happen!

The Motive team are energiser bunnies, always up first, and usually, the last man/women standing. They are passionate, reliable, creative, caring, but most importantly they are your eyes on all the intricate event details.

They support delivering your “MO”, by guiding your people from point A to B and then back to C. They will always have you and your attendees best interest at heart at all times.

Once back home you won’t know how you ever did it without them.

  • National & Global networks
  • Risk management
  • Experienced
  • Professional and reliable



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Event Manager

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Event Manager

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